Hello and welcome to Zion International School Website. My name is Karen McArthur. I am Australian educator with over 30 years experience in teaching, curriculum developm

ent and teacher training.

I am a passionate educator who is committed to lifelong learning. My approach to teaching and learning is student centered. I believe that learning as a community should be inclusive, collaborative, culturally sensitive and encapsulate equity. I have a strong belief in empowerment through education that is relevant, encourages critical thinking, is meaningful and encompasses a world view enabling students to see their place in their community and as a global citizen.

I look forward to helping, learning and growing with your child and to working with the parent community to ensure your child achieves their best and that they strive to support each other in pursuing knowledge, acquiring skills and deepening their understandings of themselves, and the world around them.

Through knowledge we gain power but with a strong educational background, which enables us to become independent, lifelong learners we are given the choice how to use this.


Karen Mcarthur

Principal, ZISPP